Mobile driven and trustworthy Future Internet Architecture

The MobilityFirst project is founded on the premise that the Internet is approaching an historic inflection point, with mobile platforms and applications poised to replace the fixed-host/server model that has dominated the Internet since its inception. This predictable, yet fundamental, shift presents a unique opportunity to design a next generation Internet in which mobile devices, and applications, and the consequent changes in service, trustworthiness, and management are primary drivers of a new architecture. The goal of MobilityFirst is to better accommodate mobile entities on the Internet in a scalable, trustworthy, and useable manner. Inherently a clean-slate project, MobilityFirst takes a radical approach to redesigning the Internet including rethinking end-point naming, such as through IP, and connection-oriented protocols, such as TCP. At a high level, MobilityFirst allows applications to securely interact with abstract, mobile entities in a connectionless fashion, providing connectivity and minimal user-disruption in the presence of mobility.